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In the realm of agriculture, the right balance of nutrients is crucial for ensuring robust plant growth, higher yields, and improved crop quality. NPK fertilizer, named after its three primary components – nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), forms the cornerstone of modern farming practices. This versatile blend caters to the diverse nutritional needs of plants at different stages of their growth cycle, providing a strategic solution for farmers aiming to optimize agricultural output.

Understanding the NPK Composition:

  1. Nitrogen (N): Essential for vibrant foliage and vigorous vegetative growth, nitrogen is a key player in the synthesis of proteins, amino acids, and chlorophyll. Adequate nitrogen levels contribute to the overall health and lush green appearance of plants.

  2. Phosphorus (P): Crucial for energy transfer within the plant, phosphorus supports root development, flowering, and fruiting. Strong root systems and efficient nutrient uptake are attributed to sufficient phosphorus levels.

  3. Potassium (K): Vital for water regulation, disease resistance, and stress tolerance, potassium enhances the quality of fruits and seeds, promoting higher yields and improved crop resilience.

Benefits of NPK Fertilizer:

  1. Balanced Nutrition: NPK fertilizer provides a balanced combination of essential nutrients, addressing the diverse needs of plants throughout their growth cycle. This ensures that crops receive optimal nutrition for healthy development.

  2. Increased Yield: The strategic blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium promotes robust plant growth, leading to increased flowering, fruiting, and overall crop yield. Farmers can witness improved productivity and economic returns.

  3. Crop Quality: NPK fertilizer enhances the quality of crops by supporting the development of vibrant flowers, healthy fruits, and sturdy plant structures. This results in produce that meets higher standards in terms of size, color, and taste.

  4. Versatility: Suitable for various crops, including grains, vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants, NPK fertilizer accommodates the nutritional requirements of a wide range of agricultural produce.

Application Guidelines:

  • Soil Testing: Conduct a soil analysis to determine existing nutrient levels and tailor the application of NPK fertilizer to specific crop and soil needs.
  • Stage-Specific Application: Apply NPK fertilizer at key growth stages, such as planting, flowering, and fruiting, to meet the changing nutritional demands of the crops.
  • Application Methods: Depending on the crop and soil type, NPK fertilizer can be incorporated into the soil, applied as a top dressing, or used in irrigation through fertigation systems.


NPK fertilizer, with its well-balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, stands as an indispensable tool in modern agriculture. By understanding the nutritional requirements of crops and strategically applying NPK fertilizer, farmers can unlock the full potential of their fields, ensuring sustainable and bountiful harvests. This nutrient trio remains a cornerstone in the pursuit of agricultural success and food security

₦ 30,000.00

Bencut NPK 14:23:14

₦ 45,000.00

Indorama NPK 20:10:05+15S Fertilizer

₦ 45,000.00

Indorama NPK 15:15:15 Fertilizer

₦ 45,000.00

Indorama NPK 20:10:10 Fertilizer

₦ 42,000.00

Notore NPK 20:10:10 Fertilizer

₦ 45,000.00

Notore NPK 15:15:15 Fertilizer

₦ 30,000.00

NPK 15-15-15 for Maize

₦ 30,000.00

NPK 20-10-10 for Rice

₦ 30,000.00

NPK 27-13-13 for Yam and other tuber crop

₦ 55,000.00

Contains Nitrogen 12%, Phosphorus 12%, Potassium 17% and Magnesium Oxide.

₦ 55,000.00

Contains Nitrogen 15%, Phosphorus 15% & Potassium 15%.

₦ 55,000.00

Contains Nitrogen 20%, Phosphorus 10% & Potassium 10%.

₦ 55,000.00

Contains Nitrogen 15%, Phosphorus 15% & Potassium 15%.

₦ 27,000.00

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, rice, maize, cassava, yam, Irish etc Minimum Order: 100 Bags

₦ 29,000.00

For millet, sorghum, maize, rice, ground nut, sesame, beans etc Minimum Order: 100 Bags

₦ 28,000.00

Specifically for rice and maize Minimum Order: 100 Bags

₦ 15,000.00

Groundnut sweet potatoes bambara ground nut etc Minimum Order: 100 Bags


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